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Excellent light, fast, good looking (love these little foot-icons on the heel cap) and well fitting crossroad shoe. Can hardly wait for the winter to try them out under ĎSiberianí circumstances in the Dutch woods. Ideal for smooth barefoot-like running and flashy trials.


I bought these shoes specifically for Crossfit workouts. They are fantastic! I have not seen any other shoe available that is suitable for Olympic weightlifting, gymnastics and running. They have shaved seconds off some of my PR's and I ran my fastest 5k ever in them.


I use these Inov8s for Crossfit and road running. Their flat sole is great for Olympic weight lifting. Running needs to be adjusted because of the thin sole but this is good because it forces you to run in a more barefoot style. The only downside of these runners is they don't last very long, the upper part wears away pretty quickly. In a sense they are like Cream Eggs; only around for a short time but absolutely fantastic while they are!


Used for the first time in an orienteering completion at the weekend with no wearing in and they were superb. Dry conditions but tough Dartmoor terrain and no problems. No signs of wear after gorse and bracken and scrambling over rocks. Yet to see how they perform in the wet...but let's hope that a while before it happens!


I use X-Talon when running orienteering, and everyone who is into orienteering knows that the shoes made for it are also made for people who likes to give themselves a lot of pain. X-Talon changes all this. Itís extremely comfortable yet it gives you the support you expect from the shoe when running in trackless ground. You have a good grip and donít feel any risk to wrench your foot.


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