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Shoes look awesome, chics dig them. I've been using them for CrossFit and I've done a pretty wide range of workouts, they've felt good doing all the fancy moves. They feel great, don't know if they're rugged or durable yet, but I feel rugged and durable wearing them so happy faces. little bit long in the fit maybe? I don't notice it when I'm running but there's definitely space for some long toes in them. Really happy buy, will get more, Wiggle did a great job delivering them quick too.


I recently purchased the inov8's for Crossfit. What an amazing all round shoe! Fantastic for weight lifting because of the flat sole and fantastic for running as they are so light. I will always stick with this brand now and the service from wiggle was awesome


Purchased these shoes to transform into minimalist running and so far these have been great. Very lightweight and fast. My only complaint is the toe box, which is pretty narrow - even though I don't have very wide feet or similar problems in other shoes... Overall great minimalist/racing shoe for all round use.


As a long-time wearer of their shoes, I dithered for the last year over buying the X-Talon 212s. My running style and ability are variable and distinctly average. Could I justify the equivalent of an Aston Martin for my abilities? Clearly No. Then, I found the X-Talon 190s, even worse. Now what? Just one, daft answer, buy both and have a bit of luxury (not that my old Roclite or even Flyroc were not excellent). Well, I wore the 212s for their first outing in a flat race in St. Louis, on a cruelly hot (34 deg) day with no shade for 16 km, along tracks through scrub and fields in an area known as the Petite Carmargue.. Very good. Knowing they are a snug fit, I bought half a (continental) size up and found this to be very comfortable. All shortcomings in the race were entirely mine. Then, last week I wore them for a Jura Berglauf (hill/mountain race): 10.4km, 886 m. of up, 129m of down. The shoes felt even better and, whatever my personal abilities (actually 15 minutes faster than two years ago) I felt glad I had bought these shoes. The grip and comfort are very good. The low weight is rather pleasant when lugging my kit around too! I should say that the ground, whatever the gradient, varies from asphalt (usually just a couple of km or less, though can be significantly more) to forest paths of mud, stones, rocks, roots, wide tracks, barely single-file scrambles and good, alpine grass. Despite the risk/certainty of wearing them out sooner rather than later, I shall use these for every condition except long, mainly asphalt running.


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