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Take a leap of extreme style and exceeding comfort with MudRoc 290 by Inov-8 which is going to overwhelm you. This shoe is especially designed for running around for hours and hours. This shoe is built for the neutral to under-pronator who seeks to attain ultimate comfort and long lasting durability. This off-road running shoe will take you to the highest point in no time and its low profile midsole are very stable and durable that makes the walk easy. The exterior is made breathable which helps to have a dry and healthy environment around the feet all day long. It also helps to wick away all the moisture and allows the fresh air to come in. The outsole also offers a great grip and resistance on all kinds of terrains. This shoe is an all rounder and works really well on all kind of terrains. The outsole is durable and having grooves on them which helps this shoe to withstands all the hard or slippery surfaces that comes on its way and it also offers a natural forefoot flex. To make it more impact resistant Meta-shank has been used while on the other side Met-cradle technique has also been used to offer a more foot hold. The heel follows the natural curvature of the heel to offer maximum comfort and support and this also helps to walk with ease. The midsole is made cushy to offer maximum comfort and support to the feet. At the same time it delivers long lasting durability. You can easily wear these on any kind of terrain because the outsole is made with strong and solid rubber which offers a perfect balance. The webbing on the exterior makes this shoe look more charming. The webbing is all done with nylon material that is strong and durable. Its weight is 10 ounces. You can have these in the following color: Black / Grey.



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This is a great running shoe for people who are looking for more minimalist footwear. The 'drop' from heel to toe is minimal, so the shoe is quite flat, and the sole is very flexible which works well if you land with a forefoot/midfoot strike. It won't suit you if you need a lot of support, cushioning and stability, like a medial post, but if you're trying to transition to barefoot running, or just a more natural running style, then these are perfect. They are superlight (230g... the clue is in the name!) and comfortable, and they look pretty cool too. I am well pleased.


I bought this purely for it's color scheme and lightness. They are a joy to run with in all weather conditions - I just wish I could have purchased these in ALL JET BLACK as well - then all would've been perfect. The only down side it that this shoe is more suited to longer narrower feet. I've had to wear these in with my fat wide feet. But I still like a speed demon with these regardless. I'm a convert to this brand if they continue to produce show stopping shoes like this.


I own (and like) the X-talon 212, and bought the F-lites for when I don't need an as aggressive sole. Having read somewhere that the shoe was basically the same but with a less studded sole, I ordered the same size. After having run in it a few times, I realize I should have gone down half a size or so. The heel doesn't fit as snuggly as I'd like I to. Still it's a nice companion on long semi-technical runs. The extra toe space is quite comfortable.


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