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If you wish to distinguish yourself from others then you should wear these funkiest shoes Road-X LITE 155 by Inov and feel the hypersonic speed as you run around. This mesmerizing shoe will have an ever lasting impact on your personality. The moment you experience a ride in these they become irresistible. This racing flat has more then you know and more then you have ever experienced. This racing flat offers a smooth and sturdy running style with a lot of cushioning and comfort. Once you step in these flats you wish to be in them forever as they offer a complete comfort zone to your feet. They are perfect in every way. The upper has been made with a lightweight and extremely breathable material which allows the fresh air to come inside and keep the feet drier and healthier the whole time. The upper comprises of lacing closure that helps to have a more secure and personalized fit. It also offers a secure hold for minimal foot movement while ascension, descending and contouring which is a great feature. The tongue and collar both are plush to offer unbeatable cushioning and support to the feet. Their performance is great because of the advanced technologies used in the manufacturing. 1 Arrow Shoc-Zone offers a great protection from all outer elements. Elite runners can take full advantage of these because this is an ideal flat for them. The heel or toe offset is 9mm/6mm while the differential is 3mm which is great. Its outsole is made up with synthetic rubber which is very durable and also with EVA foam and the combination of both makes the sole more lightweight which reduces the overall weight of the shoe and you can feel the lightness with every step you take. The average lifespan of this shoe is 300 miles. The fit is comfortable and the sole is flexible enough to conform the shape of the feet offering ultimate cushioning to them. Its Weight is 6 ounces. The available colors are these: Yellow / White, Black / Silver.


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Toby S

A very comfortable, lightweight and fast off-road shoe. They keep your foot super low to the ground so you feel really stable. They are quite flexible, Once you get used to it this is a good thing because you get a much better feel of of the ground under your feet, however on longer runs (around 2 hrs+) they can become a little too flexible especially when wet, meaning your foot may slide around and can get uncomfortable. But this is the only problem I have had with them, they are awesome for any time you want to go fast in terrain.


I usually have a hard time finding shoes that fit my broad feet, but then I found Inov-8. I now have the X-Talon 212, Oroc 280 and Road--X 255, and they're all perfect fit, same size on all (9). Very comfortable shoes. X-Talon 212 is great for trail running with the good grip. You can feel the cleats through the sole which can lead to some discomfort during long runs, but it's not that bad, I still love it.


I recently made the move from road to hills and was on the look out for a pair of decent hill running shoes, could not be happier with these beauties. there light and work well on a mixture of roads and wet trails. water drains out of them quickly too. delighted with them so far.


My main sport is triathlon which means training for 3 disciplines. This year I decided to put some off road hill races into my pre-season training to get a good strength platform. 2 races in my road racers resulted in lots of sliding and slipping and other runners passing me. I tried another brand before going for the X Talon. These shoes are just unbelievably good. solid on all surfaces, even tarmac sections are v comfortable...I wouldn't put anything else on to run off-road and even get a little disappointed I cant run on the road in them.


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