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Enhance your casual looks by wearing Inov-8 Roclite 268 which depicts a perfect balance of exquisite comfort and enchanting style and that makes this trail runner the most desirable. The focus is to deliver ultimate cushioning and for that proper underfoot cushioning it has been provided which makes it the most ideal shoe for all kinds of trails and terrains as your feet are never going to get tired in them. For a more natural fore flex Meta-Flex has been used. Like other trial shoes of this brand Met-cradle has been used that cradles the forefoot and offers a perfect foot hold. Its exterior is made up of textile material which is very soft yet sturdy and offers long lasting durability. It is also made breathable which means it allows the fresh air to pass through the very small pours and offers a drier and cooler environment to the feet no matter how long you walk. The interior is all lined to offer complete abrasion-free surroundings. They are very easy to wear because of the heel pull offered at the collar which allows an easy entry and exit. The upper comprises traditional lacing system that is accompanied by many eyelets which helps to have a quick fastening. Its synthetic outsole is made very strong and sturdy to offer a perfect grip on all kinds of terrains. It is flexible enough to follow the natural posture of the feet allowing more comfort while running around. The Weight is 8 ounces. You can buy these in this color: Grey/ Blue.



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I bought these after a tip from a friend. But the shoes do not fit me. The shoe fits poorly on my foot, it feels narrow and sharp. laces go up all the time which gets frustrating when you're out in the woods and running. Can fit you but not me. My tip is that you buy the New Balance 101, it is in my opinion a much better shoe for those who want to play in the woods.


Argh, not very impressed after 6 months use. Ok, so in the NZ orienteering community we basically swear by this brand, and in particular these Talon X's. And yes, they are very good orienteering shoes. The grip is what you need for pine and grass, not so much for muddy slopes. And they are very light weight, fit like a dream. However, after 6 months use on my second lot from this brand (first pair was Bare Grip 200) I'm not purchasing them again. The major problem is the front toe protection- lasts for 2 months minor use (Sunday races, I have trainers for otherwise.) and then it peels away and you either start a monthly process of gluing it back again, or just cutting it. Same problem as that with the Bare Grip 200's. The shoe just isn't built to last, and if your willing to buy new ones every 6-9months then your sorted with them. But my original o shoes I would expect to last at least a few years with moderate use. The talon's yellow lace support things get snagged and ripped off after a couple of months. And the light weight mesh fabric over the shoe lets small prickles and thistles through. Sorry guys, I don't want to up set anybody. But they don't last a year of once a week use means that I'm shopping other brands.


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