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Feel thrilled and enjoy the utmost comfort of Inov-8-Tea Fly 313 Gore Tex which depicts exceedingly stylish and trendy looks. Wear these on streets or on trials, in both ways they will serve you the best as they have all the reasons to be in your wardrobe. They follow the ultimate style that drags the attention of every trail runner towards them and once you wear these you never feel like taking these off. This running shoe has been built to withstand that asperity of trails runners and also includes the road runners as well. The exterior is made up with very lightweight mesh upper which offers a great support and helps to have a lightweight feeling all the time. Gore-Tex membrane offers a great protection from wet surfaces as it is waterproof and it also helps to offer a great protection from outside elements and maintains an abrasion-free and healthy environment around the feet. For extra protection from bumps rubber toe has been offered which is a great feature. The tongue is padded which kicks out the abrasion and debris out of the feet and also helps to protects the feet from lace bruises. 3 Arrow Shoc-Zone has offered extreme protection and your feet remain cushy and comfy the whole time. Its Heel or Toe offset is 18 mm /9mm and the differential is 9mm. TerraFly outsole is strong and durable but it is flexible enough to mold with your feet and offer ultimate support on all kinds of terrains. The sticky compound was made from climbing rubber techniques which offers a more personalized fit and it offers a great grip on wet surfaces. The average lifespan of this shoe is 600 miles. The upper comprises lacing system which offers an optimal fit. Its Weight is 12 ounces. Its available color is Dark Grey / Red.



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I was skeptical about the combination lightweight and trail running shoe - but I must admit I'm convinced, the Talon 212 really feels like a race shoe. Not only lightweight but also very flexible. The only difference is the mesh - it is almost waterproof and a warmer that usual racing shoes. The traction is incredible. None of my old/other trail shoes were that good. Unlike other trail shoes you can still feel the underground you're running on. The studs give some extra cushioning but overall the cushioning is medium/low (which I like as a fore foot runner). The sole is thinner, more elastic. Running x-country or on single trails through the woods it feels like a feet massage - my feet got warm (not unpleasantly hot) and that gave me a little extra energy for running fast. Would I recommend the Talon 212? Absolutely! Outstanding, innovative value for a moderate price.


Definitely happy with these shoes. They are lightweight and minimal but still comfortable. I have only had them a couple of weeks so can't comment on durability. I knocked a couple of minutes of a 76 min training run (compared to some Asics GT2140's). From my experience, I would generally urge a gradual transition when switching from more padded shoes to these as I found myself running more on my front foot. I went hard out (16 and 24 k fast pace runs) from the get go and I feel some slight twinges in my ankles and have gone back my Asics for a while and will get back to my x-talons in a few weeks with a more gradual intro.


I was doubting for weeks before I bought the X Talon 212 shoes, because I already have a lot of shoes, but people said, well you need to try the inovs because they are way better, you will be surprised etc. And indeed, I'm glad I bought them, I just want to say, stop doubting, buy them!


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